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A grisly animal mutilation at a County Down [Ireland] farm is being connected with UFO sightings in the area.

Several people in South Armagh and Omeath have reported seeing a large circular ball of light in the evening sky. At the same time the UFO research group QUEST was contacted by a farmer in Carnlough who reported the mutilation of one of his cows. Miles Johnston from Quest said: ‘The cow carcass had been drained of blood, the flesh had been removed from its head and its vital organs were gone. ‘The organs were sucked out through a clean incision made by some hi-tech laser device. ‘ ‘This is the first case of its kind in Northern Ireland but it has happened to thousands of animals in the US and Britain.

For three months now the Phoenix Police and Maricopa County Animal control have been trying to keep a lid on this. In Ahwautukee, a rich Phoenix suburb, the body of the 17th mutilated cat was found tonight in the same condition the previous 16 were: mutilated and with certain organs missing. This has been splashed/milked/exploited on the local news for about a week. The ‘certain organs’- -but inconsistent from critter to critter (a Midwestern term of endearment for cat lovers) as opposed to the consistency in cattle mutes- -include liver, heart, kidney, and brains. My theories:

1) Sick kids (the harvesting inconsistency almost proves this- - but time could be a factor also. )

2)Santeria or a similar sacrafice-oriented cult/religion/etc.

3)Scientific market endeavors (you fill in the blanks)


Guess #1 seems to be plausible and non-Fortean and it's only a matter of days before they catch the little bastards. But if it's proven it wasn't kids, what a story that would be. USA TODAY - WEIRD NEWS